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The Name of the Doctor

Thoughts on The Name of the Doctor.

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The Slow Invasion

I didn't have anything to say about last week's episode, I honestly didn't find it all that interesting. Not horrible, but not great either. I do have some thoughts about the Power of Three though.

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Asylum of the Daleks

Hello, LJ! It's that time again! Spoilers for Doctor Who below.

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This made me laugh. XD

Found it on Tumblr, by the way. I have a Tumblr now, though I usually just use it to reblog wierd/fandom stuff. It's easier than LJ in some respects, because I haven't been feeling very wordy lately. So... yeah! On the off chance that anyone is interested, my account is http://anonymouscatt.tumblr.com/.

New Years Eve

So basically I fail at LJ. Well done me for not writing anything for six months! I blame Doctor Who for being uninspiring, to be honest. I mean, there were some parts I really enjoyed (Doctor's Wife/Girl Who Waited) and some parts I really hated (River Song backstory/vanishing baby plot) but mostly it was just... meh. -_- I had no idea what else to ask for for Christmas though so this year I ended up with series six on DVD, two DW shirts, Eleven and Amy action figures, and this Time War game that is not about the Time War at all lol. It's a trivia game with ~flip-board action~ that is fairly amusing, except all the trivia is about series 5 and 6 and the game pieces are marbles. I think we are going to end up using the action figures as game pieces haha.

Anyway here is a meme:

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Double or Nothing

So I have been very busy this past week with final papers to write and tests to take, and because of that I didn't get a reaction post up for The Doctor's Wife. But I don't have much to say about it, other than it was delightful and Neil Gaiman is mostly forgiven for causing me childhood trauma. Mostly.

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Anyway, summer is finally here and now I have time to catch up on the things I want to do instead of pouring over schoolwork. Yay!

The Day of the Moon

Is it just me, or did that feel a bit anticlimactic?

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Anyway. Not sure if I like the new direction the series is taking... I'm finding it hard to follow, and I was a fan of LOST for six years! Still, next time is pirates. Should be fun. See you then!

The Impossible Astronaut

At last, a new episode! It feels like it's been forever forever!

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For some reason there is no rich text option in my Post An Entry page so I have had to refresh my knowledge of LJ HTML code in order to do a cut... hopefully it works and I do not spoil anyone.

This next bit is not a spoiler, but apparently in a recent interview when asked about continuity from the previous series, Steven Moffat said, "There are references to Davies' characters—we just had a reference to Rose, in fact." Wait a minute... is he talking about the 1/4 second flash of her in The Lodger, or was that "One last day with your beloved" line from ACC deliberate and not a reference to River like some guessed? And can we expect anything more, about her or the other companions? I'm hoping the answer is yes.